A better night and odd morning

Dec 10

We were finally able to get my Dad comfortable and resting and he got a better nights sleep (so did I). He only got up twice. This morning he woke up and wanted to sit up on the edge of the bed. He ate a little yogurt for breakfast and was much more lucid. We talked for a bit and I sat next to him on the bed and put my arm around him. He is an amazingly strong man.


After the Hospice nurse left this morning my Dad wanted to get up in the wheelchair and sit in the family room for a while. He sat up in the chair for about 3 hours. Ate some ice cream and some soup and slept sitting up for a while. We finally got him back to bed around 1:00. He is resting now. It seems like its so near the end but then he just rallies back. I guess that is pretty common. It is heart wrenching.

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