Long Day’s Journey into Night

Dec 05

Yesterday I took my Dad in for a tranfusion – 2 units of red blood cells and a 12 pack of plasma. Both hemoglobin and platelets were low. It took most of the day so I had to go back to Frankfort and get several things done on a house we sold that afternoon. When I got back he was short of breath and had been for a while. They did a chest xray, ekg and some more blood work and decided they needed to keep him overnight. I was supposed to fly to Atlanta for the day today to meet with some investors. I tossed and turned most of the night trying to figure out what to do – my brother was trying to make arrangements to fly in for the morning. Finally around 3am I decided it was nuts to try to fly to Atlanta so I left them a message and called my brother to tell him not to come. Went in this morning to get my Dad. Turns out yesterday’s transfusions did not do much and they wanted to give him some more blood today. He said no. He just wanted to come home. So we came home. He went to bed and spent the afternoon on the phone with the guys from Atlanta. They are going to fly to Lexington tomorrow to meet with me so I guess they must be pretty interested to go to all that effort. Daddy rested most of the afternoon. He says he’s ready to “have his ticket punched”. He got up around 8 and ate some soup. Then he asked me to sit with him in his room for a while. So we just sat and talked a little and I rubbed his back for a while. I hope he sleeps well tonight. I am going to bed soon because I can sure use a good night’s rest too. I have a cold that I caught from a woman on the plane back from New Jersey. Like I need to be sick right now.
I could use some humor, if anybody has some humor please send a smile my way.

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