Still Hanging in There

Dec 09

Most of the day Saturday Daddy seemed to be doing a lot better than I would have expected. He got up and ate a poached egg and toast in the morning. Two friends came by and visted for an hour or so – Byrl and Kurt. They were just torn up when they left but really glad they had come to see him and visit for a while. Father Chuck came by before leaving town to preach in Hazard today. Daddy come out to the dining room table and ate lunch. He was in good spirits most of the afternoon but getting a little weaker. After dinner we were all tired. Frank had a bunch of conference calls for his big client conversion, trying to keep that on track despite his absense from New York. I decided to sleep on the floor in Daddy’s room so that would be there when he needed something. He got up about every two hours. Once in the middle of the night he said he wanted waffles for breakfast. In the morning Frank went out and got waffles and he came out to the dining room table and ate waffles. But after that he really started slipping. It seemed like after lunch that he was slipping away and I really thought he was going to leave us early in the afternoon. But he had rallied. He really isn’t lucid much anymore but he still keeps trying to get out of bed even though he is too weak. My brother had to fuss at him and tell him that he couldn’t get out of bed anymore. He’s gone to Walmart to see if he can find some sort of bed rail because Hospice can’t deliver one until tomorrow.
I will sleep on the floor again tonight.

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