Halloween and Science

Oct 31

Here’s a great video of a teacher bringing science to life for kids. Carving a pumpkin using science. It’s fun! If only more of our teachers would bring education to life! A little fun along with the learning goes a long way to generate excitement.

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You can’t fool Mother Nature – GMO foods

Sep 27

Do you remember the slogan from the 1970’s for Chiffon Margerine? “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” In their commercial, of course, you could fool Mother Nature. A lot has changed in the relationship between man and nature in the past 40 years. Man has begun to manipulate nature in ways that would have been inconceivable back then. Giant...

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Empty Space

Sep 21

Last year I took a drawing class and the first thing the instructor discussed was the use of empty/negative or white space. The term is used for the space which is left blank in a drawing, painting, photograph or graphic presentation. This empty space is what allows the objects in the work of art to exist.  One of the best descriptions of negative is “space...

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Shedding Shells/Metamorphosis

Sep 20

Continuing on with my reflections from having a garage sale and rereading Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s  Gift from the Sea I am also struck by how quickly our weather has turned to the cool crisp air of Fall.  It is fall that is the time of slowing down, shedding , preparing for the winter.  Since I am approaching 50 (next year) maybe that’s why I am...

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Why are we so out of Sync with each other?

Sep 04

As I was sorting through the books on the shelves trying to decide which of my “babies” to part with in the garage sale I came upon a book I read several years back called “Sync – How Order Emerges From Chaos in the Universe, Nature and Daily Life” by Steven Strogatz.   Sounds a bit dry to you I imagine.  It did to me at first too but...

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