We the People – On Being a Good Citizen

Nov 04

Last night in our final class of Channeling Aristotle we discussed the role of a person as citizen. Aristotle felt this role trumped all others. Our professor asked us “What is the first freedom”? Our class gave no strong response. His answer – The freedom to govern yourself. We the People. We govern ourselves. We choose. We get what WE choose. ...

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Halloween and Science

Oct 31

Here’s a great video of a teacher bringing science to life for kids. Carving a pumpkin using science. It’s fun! If only more of our teachers would bring education to life! A little fun along with the learning goes a long way to generate excitement.

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Oct 25

Stewardship -the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving Everywhere I hear and see finger pointing about who is responsible for this problem or that problem – global warming, the economy, loss of the moral compass, hunger, poverty. You name it, everyone is looking for someone or something to blame. As I...

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Aristotle, CEO pay, Pursuing Full Potential and OWS

Oct 19

I am currently taking a DU Enrichment Class “Channeling Aristotle: Cultivating a Virtuous Life in the 21st Century”. Our discussion last week evolved around the “golden mean” and finding purpose in life. Aristotle believe that happiness lay in the pursuit of one’s full potential and in maintaining a perfect balance between excess and...

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Occupy Wall Street – I am the 1

Oct 17

I am the 1. The 1% that is to say. At least I was in 2007. I was surprised to learn that in 2007 the IRS reported 391,000 Americans with income exceeding $1 Million. I was one of them. I am not greedy, self-interested, dishonest or villainous. For a long time I was ashamed to admit it because I had some unsavory stereotypes of what people “with...

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The Value of Music

Oct 14

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending my daughter’s high school choir concert. I was really moved by a number of the songs. After the concert I thought a lot about how the arts in our schools are losing funding even though they are so very critical to the development of our children. Before you stop reading thinking this a rant about education...

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