Water, water, every where

Sep 21

Last week I started a 4 week enrichment class at the University of Denver called Water in the World and the West.  Water, or the lack thereof, is a major issue in the West.  I grew up in Kentucky where there always seemed to be plenty of water.  After moving to Colorado I learned that it was illegal to capture the rain water falling on my roof to water my plants....

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Quality vs Quantity

Dec 02

For me quality of life is much more important than quantity. It is the same for my Dad. I wonder what makes some people want quantity regardless of quality? It sort of made me think of that case in Florida a few years ago. If anyone is reading this – what would you choose? Quality? Quantity?

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Days Gone By

Oct 30

Over the past several months I have been driving my Dad back and forth from Kentucky to the Cleveland Clinic through the states of Kentucky and Ohio. During those drives I have had the wonderful experience of hearing about my Dad growing up on a farm and many of the jobs he did on the farm – milking cows, delivering milk, plucking chickens, planting tobacco...

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