Tanzanian Phrases

Jul 27

During our trip out guides taught us a few Swahili words. I don’t think I am going to spell them right but here they are. Jambo – Hello/How are you Pole Pole – slowly, slowly Haraka Haraka – quickly, quickly Chacoola kitam – delicious Maisha Marefu – Long Life – this is their toast Muzungu – White tourist –...

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Serengeti to Lake Manyara

Jul 23

Our journey as a big group has just ended. We are in the parking lot waiving our final goodbyes to our new friends. They will be boarding one of the small planes soon to fly back to Kilimanjaro airport. I wonder if the runway is smoother than these Serengeti roads. We really don’t have much idea of what our adventure today will be. We have a new driven Solomon...

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Up, up and away – Serengeti Balloon Ride

Jul 23

We woke up before the wake up “call” came to knock at our door. We were tired but anxious to get to the balloon ride. It didn’t take us long to repack. After two weeks of packing up your stuff every morning you get to be an expert at getting it done quickly. As we start for the lobby one of the porters shows up to carry our bags. We are the first...

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Ngorogoro Crater to Serengeti

Jul 22

We rise again early for a long drive to the Serengeti. Little do we know that these will be the worst roads yet! Could they really be any worse? The answer to that is definitely YES. Its interesting because I was recently reading an article about the fight over building a super highway through the Serengeti. It was in national geographic. I tried to insert a link...

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Tarangerie to Ngorogoro Crater

Jul 21

Breakfast buffet at Tarangerie and there were elephants walking around just outside. We walked out on the deck with our coffee and watched them for a few minutes. How’s that for an amazing start to the day. John was still getting ready so I had breakfast with Suz, Nathan and Jeff. I stopped by the gift shop to pick up some maps. I had tried to bargain with her...

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Karanga to High Camp Via Barafu

Jul 17

We took off in the first group this morning with Paula, Sierra, Monique, Nan, Doug, Stephanie and Gina. Its nice to be walking with Stephanie as it has been a few days since we’ve walked together. After the first break Nan and Doug drop back to go at a more gradual pace. At the second break they catch up with us and Nan is really having some bad pain in her...

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Machame to Shira Camp

Jul 13

I woke up after 6 hours of sleep thinking it was 6 in the morning but it was really 4 am. Note to self – do not put on Dr Watson’s salve and got to bed in a -20 degree sleeping bag unless you want to be the next nights stew! My legs and back were on fire from the heat of the bag and the muscle salve. It was kind of like being in a crock pot. I got up and...

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Out to Africa

Jul 10

The journey begins in earnest today. John and I are in Washington, DC at my friend Carla’s house. Our plan was to have breakfast this morning with my cousin before flying out in the afternoon. For some reason we’ve had in our heads that we are flying at 4 this afternoon. Fortunately John tries to go ahead and get boarding passes, which Ethiopian Air does...

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Global Volunteers In Peru

Oct 22

I am in Peru with Global Volunteers, an organization based in the US that covers programs in about 25 countries. Our volunteer group is #66 for Peru and we are a small group. Kelly and I are from Colorado and Pauline is from Chicago. Kelly was with us for a week and Pauline and I are two weeks. Edith is our team leader. She is the most amazing person. She’s...

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Nazca Pottery

Oct 21

  The is one of the local potters in Nazca. He is making pottery designs that are exactly the same as his Nazca ancestors. He does not change the patterns or add anything new. He keeps the tradition alive. The clay is a mixture of clay and sand – about 60% clay and 40% sand. The sand makes the pottery more porous so that it will retain the color better. In...

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