You can’t fool Mother Nature – GMO foods

Sep 27

Do you remember the slogan from the 1970’s for Chiffon Margerine? “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” In their commercial, of course, you could fool Mother Nature. A lot has changed in the relationship between man and nature in the past 40 years. Man has begun to manipulate nature in ways that would have been inconceivable back then. Giant...

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Peaches, Nectar of the Gods

Aug 22

I love peaches. Not the one’s you get in the grocery store. The peaches you buy at a roadside farm stand or at the farmer’s market. If you leave in Colorado, its a Western slope/Palisade peach that’s the one I am talking about. If you leave in Georgia or South Carolina, I imagine they are similar. I was riding home the other night when this story...

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Fall Breeze Blowing through the Window

Sep 02

Fall is here. Or at least for tonight. There is a crisp breeze blowing through my window. The temperature is going to drop down in to the 40’s tonight. Sounds like fall to me. Of course my tomatoes are just starting to ripen so I hope that the colder air with hold off for another 15 or 20 days. I love the fall. I am going to miss quite a bit of it this year. I...

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In the Garden

Aug 18

I have always been a “foodie”. My mother was a great cook. When I was growing up we always had a big garden. You may recall one of my blog postings last year about a tomato. Well, this is the first year in Colorado that I actually have some really large beefsteak tomatoes growing. I can’t wait until they ripen and I can gorge myself. But there are...

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