More than our hearts can hold?

Sep 15

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have been getting ready for a garage sale which has had me going through lots of old things to decide whether to keep, toss or sell.  Since I am an avid reader and lover of books it means I have a LOT of books about which to make decisions.   This is always tough for me.  I often take stacks of books to the local library that I...

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Unlocking the Cage

Sep 13

“The Life of Every Man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another.  His humblest hour is when he compares the volume as is with what he vowed to make it.”   – James Berry This quote was in a newsletter sent to me by a friend over the weekend.  It really struck me to my core thinking about what it says.  It was especially...

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Listen to the lyrics and maybe it will all soak in….

Sep 07

I had the good fortune of getting a last minute invitation to the  Zak Brown Band at Red Rocks on Monday night.  Typically I make all kinds of excuses when things come up spontaneously.  I like to plan things out.  And I am definitely not spontaneous if I don’t know anything about the venue, restaurant, etc.  I didn’t know a thing about the Zak Brown...

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Revisit the past to move on to the Present

Sep 04

This has been a week of digging in to the past in a multitude of ways and cleaning my “mental house” in the process.  First of all, I am having a garage sale in two weeks and have to get through all the boxes that are story my mother’s things, John’s things, my old things, Lindsay’s things, Mary Mac’s things, things, things,...

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The Help got me thinking……..

Aug 28

 I grew up in the South. Not the deep South depicted in the movie “The Help” but the South nonetheless. I was born in 1962 so I was just a baby during the era in the movie. I went to see it tonight with 2 of my children and it has me reflecting back on my childhood growing up – what I saw and didn’t see or maybe didn’t want to see....

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Lessons I learned from the Mountain

Jul 22

I have been thinking a lot about what I learned while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Throughout my life I have been a person who seeks constant knowledge. I actually need to be learning and doing new things in order to be truly fulfilled and happy. Sometimes that learning comes from reading a book about a topic I know nothing about, sometimes it comes from asking other...

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July 17-18 – Summit Night and Day

Jul 18

We have dinner at 5:30 with the final instructions on tonight’s climb. Eric says there will be three groups. We are surprised that he doesn’t assign people to groups rather letting them select for themselves. This leaves us with only Sarah in our group as everyone else selects group B or C. At first we are a little sad at our small group -there are people...

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Slowly returning

Oct 28

The last months of my father’s battle with cancer were two years ago now. Two years that seem to have simultaneously drifted and flown by. Grief is an interesting process. Sometimes you process it well and move through it quickly and sometimes you don’t. I think it has taken me just about two years to feel like I have processed my father’s passing....

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Aggravated at the Meat Counter

Sep 10

I just went to the specialty meat market to get some steaks. I always ask them to cut my filets because I like the smaller than they come pre-cut. Its way to much meat for a person to eat an 8 oz filet. So I asked the guy for 2 – 6 oz and 3-4 oz. filets. So as far as my math goes that’s 24 oz. which makes 1.5 pounds. He hands me the package and I go up to...

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Fall Breeze Blowing through the Window

Sep 02

Fall is here. Or at least for tonight. There is a crisp breeze blowing through my window. The temperature is going to drop down in to the 40’s tonight. Sounds like fall to me. Of course my tomatoes are just starting to ripen so I hope that the colder air with hold off for another 15 or 20 days. I love the fall. I am going to miss quite a bit of it this year. I...

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