Pavillion of Women

May 19

We are reading this book for our book club at the office. It was written in 1938. I was thinking it was not going to be very good or very relevant to today. Amazingly it was not. Much of what Madame Wu struggles with is very relevant today. She’s looking for purpose. She is weighted down by her responsibilities in the household of more than 60 people. She longs for something that will touch her soul. There were so many observations about her and her loneliness that I found parallel to my own life in a very odd way. With one great exception – she did not love her husband. I love mine very much. He is the sweetest, kindest man I have ever met.

She carries a heavy burden for many people as do I – at work, with my Dad, at home

She longs for purpose and meaning as do I. I want to be something more than just the job I have. I want to know my purpose. But I am often too busy to ponder the question. This was Madame Wu’s problem as well. So many things she had to handle that she did not have time for herself. To find inside herself what her purpose and meaning were.

She longs to reach inside herself. To feel and know her soul. As do I.

Maybe I will get that chance very soon – to ponder these questions.

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